Monday, June 4, 2012

Update 1 Aug 2016

Epic Years - Brand new site opened on July 30, 2016

Celebrate the good times, explore new ideas and make new friends at Epic Years. If you were a member of Eons, you'll may recognize some of the members there.

Come join us as we build our social network for those 40 years and older.

My favorite social networking site - - is down for "the foreseeable future".

The main purpose of this post is to list sites where Eons folks are gathering and to link to help files that might help in recovering a few items from "cached" pages of Eons posts and blogs. I am a member at most of the sites for the time being, but I am not recommending one site over another one.

On most sites, you won't be able to view the groups that have been created or the member list without joining. I created a new email account to use when I joined the sites and did not use my regular email.


List Created in 2012 Social Networking Sites For Boomers (In Alphabetical Order): 

Social Networking Sites for All Ages Where Eons Members Meet:

The above links are sites where Eons folks have joined. There may be more sites where Eons folks may be located and links will be added as they become known. Personally, I'd suggest having at least two "homes". You never know when a site might go down.


Eons Members Blogs:

Help Pages or Info

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